Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Travelogue for Tourists and Our Future Generations

Bukit Batok Nature Park


  • This park was developed on an abandoned quarry site in 1988
  • During World War II, the Japanese selected the Lorong Sesuai site as a memorial for the soldiers who died. All that remains are two pillars and 120 concrete steps leading up to a transmission tower. A memorial plaque lies at the foot of the stairs to inform visitors of the significance and meaning of the location
  • The serene ambience of the park provides an ideal ambience for a peaceful nature walk. Near the entrance of the park, at the foot of a high cliff wall, is a picturesque pond. The pond runs deep and still - a relic from the mining days of the region

In the past it was used as a mining site but now it is used by people to exercise or have a peaceful walk unlike the noisy quarry site in the past.

Little Guilin (小桂林)

  • Constructed from a disused granite quarry
  • The Housing and Development Board had originally intended to fill the quarry up and build a road on it in 1984. It was converted to a pond instead when it was realized that the existing quarry had rugged granite outcrops and a contrasting backdrop of green hills that gave it a pleasant look. The surrounding areas were also beautified and made accessible by placing granite blocks on the retaining walls and adding footpaths, lights and seating
Besides being used for exercise and walks, the town park has also been used as a stage for Chinese opera, dance and music performances

West Mall

  • Located in the heart of Bukit Batok Central since 1998
  • Indulge in great shopping, exciting activities and fun entertainment with an excellent mix of retail offerings spread over 6 floors: fashion and accessories; jewellery, gifts and specialty items; cafes and restaurants, food court, a 6-hall Cineplex, telcos, post office, electrical and household store, community library and a supermarket

There are more shops now then in the past and the mall looks nicer than last time.

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